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Open Studio- Locale Color, 58 Nantasket Avenue, Hull, MA 02045.
Summer of 2018 July 7 and 8.
Getting Ready for Open Studio
A quick look into....

Hingham Public Library
, 66 Leavitt Street, Hingham, MA 02043,  View collection of artist work begining Dec. 2nd through the 30th, 2016. Sampling of South Shore sites, nautical and pet portraits.

Hull Town Hall, Atlantic Avenue, Hull, MA 02045. Large canvas display of Nautical and Patriotic theme. November 2016 through February 2017.l 

Brewed Awakening, Hingham Center, Hingham, MA 02043. View a sampling of artist work and tiles for the entire month of January, 2017. Inquires, please call 781-925-1920. 
Display Window

Open Studio- Locale Color, 58 Nantasket Avenue, Hull, MA 02045.
Summer of 2017 July 8 and 9, Fall 2017, November 4 and 5th.

Class Schedule

Drawing Classes
- individually ($35) or set of three ($90). Classes in conjunction with Hull Artists, Hull, MA.

Basic Drawing Using Shapes- Drawing is a learned skill! Join the class and see how easy it really is to draw from life using this technique of observing, identifying and drawing shapes. Class will start with instruction, then draw from a series of objects brought in by the instructor. Take this class for 2 hours and leave with a solid foundation in drawing. all materials for class will be provided. Leave with your notes and class drawing. Fee is $35 for the class or sign up for the other two in the series for $30 apiece, total $90. Class will be scheduled in the Fall of 2018. 

Perspective Made Easy, Part I - Ever wonder why your buildings don’t quite sit solidly on the paper you just drew them on? Or why the building looks great but the fence looks awkward? Or maybe you would like to learn how to draw so that you can include structures in your work? Find out how learning simple perspective techniques can alleviate all those issues in your drawing. No prior drawing experience needed! Come and find out how to make your drawing stronger. This class will cover linear and one point perspective. All materials will be furnished, just bring yourself! Begin with this drawing class ($35 or sign up for the series of 3 for $90). Classes run for 2 hours. Class will be scheduled for Fall of 2018.

Perspective Made Easy, Part II- Continue with perspective and move into learning the techniques for identifying and creating 2 point perspective. Once you are comfortable you will be working from an object and/or photo to sharpen and reinforce your skills. All materials necessary for class will be furnished and you will come away with notes and a drawing for your keeping. Enjoy this class in the series for $35 or include the other two in the drawing series of 3 for $90.Check in for Fall 2018 schedule. 5:30-7:30 pm.

Drawing From Life
- Already understand shapes and perspective or just want to try your hand at drawing from life? Join us for a 2 hour class which will include a basic still life set up and allow the student to proceed at their own pace. The beginning of class will include a review of shapes, how to create a truly symmetrical object and effectively seeing and drawing simple drapery. Check back for Fall 2018 schedule. 5:30-7:30pm.

On going water based media class, watercolor and/or acrylic painting, all levels. Mondays, 6:30pm until 8:30pm, offered in Fall,starting October 16th. Send email if interested. All classes meet at Hull 's Jacob Elementary School. 

Plein Air Painting- Summer Painting-Check out Friday Painters in Hull on facebook for schedule. Open to public, no fees, RSVP on facebook page.